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My Own Private Biscuit

A great meal. A rousing symphony. Two perfect men. But can they make beautiful music together?

Toby enjoys a success beyond his wildest dreams. He is not only a damn fine musician, he is also the first chair trumpeter with the New York Philharmonic Orchestra.

In New York, he earns a good living doing what he loves the most. Yet, he suffers from a nagging feeling that something is missing. The Manhattan lifestyle is great, but his romantic life consists mostly of Grindr hookups.

A summer Tour of the South finds Toby in Asheville, North Carolina—his childhood home and still the home of a certain high school crush. Thomas Bischoff--or as all his friends call him, Biscuit.

Abruptly, he stumbles on the news that Biscuit is married! The news hit Toby like a hammer.

Then, later, he makes yet another discovery: Biscuit's married life isn't going well. Might there be a glimmer of hope? And how can hope translate into action when there are 700 miles between them?

And even if things could work out between them, how can they blend two lives separated by a dozen years and their own extra baggage?

What will it take for Toby to claim his own private Biscuit?

MY OWN PRIVATE BISCUIT is the second book in Dann Hazel's Some Like It Haute Gay Romance Series. In this novel, Dann adds a new ingredient to the romantic and culinary mix of the series--music!


The clothes come off first. Then, I’ll tie you up.

Not so far away, he could see his little slut thrust his tongue down a cute young blonde’s throat.

Frighteningly concurrent with Biscuit’s realization was a high-pitched yelp. Immediately, he knew that Demon had been bitten. The diamondback rattlesnake was a poisonous reptile.

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