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Then, David surprised Frank with a kiss directly on the lips, a reminder of the passion they shared. And a reminder that passion was never the single ingredient to love.

How can you find your own slice of love when all the other business of life gets in your way?

Frank Slyce is an independent, well-educated and self-reliant gay man with a huge creative streak.

Now, at thirty-two, he feels thrown off-kilter by a career crisis and a proverbial “urge to merge.”

The career issue he can handle. But how does a man like Frank find love when he relates best to people older than he is?

Enter David Hawkins, a Unitarian minister who, while the same age as Frank, is an “old soul.” At first, they hit it off. But in their steamy pursuit of a relationship, they discover that they just don’t quite seem right as a couple.

Then, Frank seeks a business loan to open Slyce! Pies and Pasta. The hot, charming banker who approves the loan, Nicolas Beaumont, is eleven years older than Frank.

Both men feel the spark of attraction.

But something happens to make Nicolas retreat into silence at a time when Frank, for the first time in his life, feels head over heels in love.

A slow-burn, age-stratified, HEA gay romance.

Tropes: Forced Proximity; Hurt/Comfort; Slow Burn; Age-Stratified or May/December Romance

Themes: Family Strife; Dealing with the loss of a partner/spouse; Dealing with internalized homophobia

Possible Triggers: Occasional drug use; death of a spouse; mental health issues; multiple breakups.

Though Grabbing My Slyce! is part of the Some Like It Haute! Gay Romance Series, it may also be enjoyed as a stand-alone.

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