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Introducing a brand new Gay Romance Series from author Dann Hazel: SOME LIKE IT HAUTE.

Room for Dessert, the first novel in the series, is now available on Amazon in two formats: ebook and print.

"Soon--the interval between the kiss and this salient moment, lost in a fog--the two men find themselves in Matt's bed."

Two champagne glasses, cheesecake and cover of Room for Dessert


When the doorbell rang, Sebastian was fully dressed—except for pulling a tight cotton tee-shirt over his head, smoothing it carefully to accentuate his nipples, which remained forever hard whenever he wore this, his favorite shirt. It would, however, be a lie to ignore his serious consideration to answer the door sans shirt; Aladdin loved Sebastian’s hirsute torso. Perhaps that hairy enticement would lead more quickly into the lovemaking for which Sebastian had lathered himself into readiness.

Room for Dessert

Some Like It Haute
Gay Romance Series

Book One
Gay couple at barbecue.

Book Description:

In this “tasteful” HEA gay romance, not all of the action occurs in the best restaurants!

For almost ten years, Sebastian and Matt lived happily together as romantic partners.

Then, Bobby enters the picture and Matt’s infidelity tears Sebastian’s world apart. For a long time, Sebastian has no appetite for a second course of romance.

That is, until Aladdin casts his unexpected spell during drinks at a tapas and cocktails bar.

Sebastian hadn’t bargained for how sweet a second round of love could be!

Then, something happens. A tragedy which sends Matt back into Sebastian’s life, begging for a second chance.

Hungry for love, Sebastian faces an impossible choice. Should he pick Matt, the man who betrayed him?

Or Aladdin, the troubled man whose family roils in a scathing public scandal?

Tropes: Second Chance Romance, Coming Out, Foodies and Chefs

Trigger Warning: One chapter in this novel focuses on a parent’s suicide.

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